How lucky you are if you went to Nosaj Thing performance last night. Nosaj Thing has been producing glitch hop since 2000, but it wasn’t since 2009 when he released his first album “DRIFT” with Alpha Pop records, and he grew up to the first positions in the electronic music scene. In 2013 he released “Home” with Innovative Leissure, and for the first time he was in company of voices from Mikuno (Blonde head) and Chazdick Bundick (Toro i Moi). His last album “Fated” (2015) with Innovative Leissure / Time table records transmits an extremely sensitive emotion when you listen to it. He has collaborated with great artists like Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Kid Cudi. In 20016 has taken a new EP “No reality” that we could enjoy yesterday night at Dnit : Caixa forum summer nights.







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