Unsound_post2016Krakow, October 16-23 2016 

Unsound Krakow was established in 2003 in Krakow, Poland, as a festival of advanced music. Starting out as an underground event, in recent years the festival has grown in size and name.

This year’s Dislocation theme has many different meanings. One concerns the long and provocative tension between “centre” and “periphery” that often fuels cultural development. Cross-border collaborations proliferate in the 2016 program.

Then there are other interpretations. Dislocation in space and time. Dislocation from the body. Dislocated meeting points between apparently disparate spheres such as experimental dance pop and Polish traditional dance, or the orchestral world and the underground fringes of industrial music.

All these subjects and more will be explored in an extensive day program more vital than ever, with talks, films and workshops.




Krakow, Poland

New York, USA



Unsound Festival