We look forward to visual treats at Barcelona’s ever-growing digital arts festival, Mira. Hosted at the old fabric factory in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, Fabra i Coats is the venue of dreams for many festival goers and organisers. Each year, we’ve seen the gradual addition of a full dome experience, more and more live visual performances and installations, with this year including an impressive new media art exhibition to get the old brain cogs turning. Let’s leave the work to speak for itself. We present you with our summary of our Mira experience of the Friday night at the festival in form of a photographic journey through new media art time and space…

Mira Dome by Adidas Originals

“Extraordinary Alien” by Fatima Al Aqdiri & Transforma


The Search for (Modern) Pleasure (Exhibition, various artists)

Keiken, Nati Cerutti, AGF Hydra, Suzanah Pettigrew and George Jasper Stone: Digital Pleasures

Visual orgasms – Faith Holland

Filip Custic – Cuadro Virtual

Esmay Wagemans – New Humanity

Carlos Sáez – Hardware Fetish

Field – Scan I-IV Collection courtesy of Sedition

Tangerine Dream (Live A/V)

Interactive lighting system using Cinema 4D – 3D sound room by Tigrelab

Call super (DJ set) with Natalia Stuyk (VJ Set)

All photos copyright Hayley Cantor

Hayley Cantor

Hayley Cantor

Hayley is a Graphic Designer and VJ, who dabbles in a wide range of fields including Psychology and Copywriting. In her spare time she trots around the globe with a backpack and swings about in a hammock. She adores paper and her camera is her third arm.

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