Mira is truly a place where music and visual arts meet to take form as a not-everyday experience. Either you are deeply into the AV scene or you simply like electronic music, you will probably find something of your interests amongst the programs that the festival offers, ranging from conferences through installation to audiovisual shows.

The festival has three phases: Program link here, directions here.
30-31 Oct. – Shows, installations, conferences – Arts Santa Mónica – Free!
2-4.  Nov. – Full dome 360° workshop – Fabra i Coats – Tickets
6-7.  Nov. – Shows, installation, screenings – Fabra i Coats, Razzmatazz – Tickets

Mira is a surrounding audiovisual adventure. When at some festivals or exhibitions you are restricted to only be a spectator, Mira is indeed counting on your participation. With interactive installations of Spanish and international collaborators presenting the usage and the development of today’s most advanced technologies of connecting human senses to an immersive experience redefining space through projections, interactive led-s combined with massive sound design. Check out the experimenting and developing work of ProtoPixel & Tigrelab.
Want to sit and listen? If you are interested in VJ culture visit Jordi Pont‘s talk, or if your taste is more about code go to Marcin Ignac‘s talk.
You already speak either audio or visual language? The Full dome 360° workshop might be for you, as you can deepen your skills working in an exceptional space that surrounds you, aks from the professionals, and show your work to the audience.
Are you ready for some underground electronic beats that won’t let you stand still? Just to name a few artists: Blanck MassVesselsDopplereffekt, Nosaj Thing and much more..

Link to the festival: http://www.mirafestival.com/

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