Sonar + D offered lots of fantastic projects. One of them was bangers, that we could try through a big screen where it was projected the app and you were able to have a higher enjoyable experience.
Bangers is a new app for iphone that brings you the opportunity to play, create and remix most famous hits. It offers a new path for engagement between labels , artists and their fans.With simple tools and no need for experience you can trigger your own clips, play notes and beats, mix and apply fx. Thanks to this you will be able to learn while playing, to rearrange your favorite songs, to jam with your friends and to show it to the world!

Bangers works with and exclusive type of files similar to MIDI. Users download an “interactive music sheet” that they can play and even edit and rearrange. The sounds used aren’t the original songs but generated by synthesizers within the app, so what the users play is a cover version done with the instruments featured in Bangers.

On one hand you can play, this means that turns making music into a game. The more you use it, the more you will learn and the better your tracks will be. How it works? After selecting a genre, users can play a game where they will learn how to produce a selected style over 5 levels (each one featuring a different song) and 3 interfaces: a clips & fx launcher, a drum sequencer and a notes sequencer. the game works both as a challenge and a teacher: the user is rewarded for every new bit of knowledge aquired and technique perfected. The songs featured in the game are a mixture of well-known hits and in-house produces tunes.

On the other hand, songs can be covered and rearranged in a freestyle mode outside the game element too. Furthermore, bangers allows several users to play the same file collectively on real time. The jam mode works via Bluetooth ( does not require 3G/4G or Wifi).  You are free to edit and share files (songs and remixes), but only within the bangers environment.

Don’t miss this incredible experience!! Download it and enjoy making your own music!!!


Marta Minguell

Marta Minguell

I am multidisciplinary new media & visual artist who loves to explore the treatment of image, color, texture and movement by different media. My passion for combining art and technology pushed me to explore languages such as Design, Video and 3D. My aim is to work in the field of creating visual content in the space through installations, projections and VJing with a consistent concept.

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