Installation at SonarPLANTA by Semiconductor, Earthworks.

This is the final photographic reportage of Sonar, Day 3 and we saved the best ’til last with 20 years of Raster Noton, with performance by Byetone and Alva Noto, the incredible installation, Earthworks by Semiconductor, a visual performance with code by Alba Corral, alongside a load of Sonar+D goodies in the Market Lab. Here we go…

All photos by Hayley Cantor (c)

IMG_0128IMG_0106IMG_0130IMG_0133IMG_0101IMG_0095Live performance for 20 years of the record label Raster Noton, by Alva Noto, also known as Carsten Nicolai:IMG_0140 IMG_0146 IMG_0155 IMG_0162IMG_0228IMG_0257IMG_0190IMG_0193Byetone live for Raster Noton at Sonar Complex.IMG_0336Installation for Adidas Originals at the entrance to Sonar Hall.IMG_9885IMG_9910IMG_9918Alba G. Corral live with bRuna & Wooky.IMG_9925IMG_9926 IMG_9934 IMG_9937 IMG_9947IMG_0016 IMG_0034 IMG_0046Atmosphere outside Sonar Hall.IMG_0060 IMG_0062 IMG_0063Sonar official merchandising store at Sonar Village.IMG_0067Back at Sonar+D Market Lab, with ALMA sounds from Space.IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0081Music creation at Sonar+D, Market Lab.IMG_0083 IMG_0084Domestic Data Streamers vs. Spotify, defining your future moment.IMG_0093


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Hayley Cantor

Hayley Cantor

Hayley is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer & VJ whose career follows a colourful journey from working in optics to graduating in Psychology, working in mental health and homeless services, VJing to Graphic Design. She has a long-term passion for musical and new media art projects. She makes her mark with technicolour live visual performances under the artistic name VJ AYL.

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