fad-2018RIO DE JANEIRO, 5 February – 18 March 2018

FAD is an art festival through digital media, where artistic content is developed or processed in some of its stages through computers, software, hardware, mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, and electronic and digital devices developed with low or high technology.

Currently, the FAD – Festival of Digital Art, understands that the dynamics of production and enjoyment are emerging, as well as its ubiquitous, multiple, and diverse nature. But perhaps we do not need to process the reflections so fast, even though the understanding of our time, is something urgent.

Our gaze must accompany the current dynamics, as well as the production techniques should continue without fearless in times of industry and capital. However, we have a mission a little more arduous and complex in this telematics and fluid universe. Think of the Complexity of the present, rather than producing an artless future.

With this first Biennial conceived by the FAD in 2018, it becomes a fundamental body from 2020, continuing the Festival of Digital Art, focusing on more dynamical emerging actions and propositions, accompanying the unfolding of our technological and informational society (exhibitions, festivals, workshops, forums and multiple exhibitions in different formats).


FAD: Festival de Arte Digital

Belo Horizonte, Brazil









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