Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier are an explosive duo of audiovisual artists from Hamburg.

One of the main features of audiovisual culture is the immersive factor. Performances and installations step beyond the boundaries of the two-dimensional frames and breakthrough into the audience space.

The viewers are surrounded, embedded within the audiovisual environment and become part of the artwork. Incite/ take it a step further immersing themselves as performers together with the audience. And the result is uniquely entertaining.

incite - audiovisual artists
Photo Credit: Yachar Valakdije

We had the chance to see them live in 2013 in Gijon. Their performances are a must-see for all audiovisual fans. They truly love what they do and they transmit that that wonderful energy to the whole room. It was amazing to see how the audience was physically engaged.

Not many audiovisual performers actually push people to dance away as Incite/ do. Bridging the gap between art and club worlds. Unconventionally and electrifying with a smile.

Tightly synchronized grey-scale visuals oscillate between abstraction and semi-narration,inciting perception and awareness.

incite/ combines futuristic distorted bass music and outstanding visuals to an immersive synesthetic adventure – complex, inspiring and unorthodox danceable.



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Marco Savo

Marco Savo

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