Opwijk, October 24-27 2012 

Pluto 2012 is an audiovisual festival. It wants to provide a stage for audiovisual, performance and new media artists.

The festival encourages artists working with novel performance technologies and a multidisciplinary contemporary approach.

More than ever, the focus is on the synergy between audio and visual found in performances, video installations, VJ’ing, new media, etc. The innovative use of multi and new media is key and will set the tone throughout the festival.

Pluto 2012 wants to link sound and vision as beneficial and exciting as possible for both the audience and the contributors. By means of setting up a series of sessions, artists are encouraged to collaborate on projects for and during the festival, providing an optimal festival setting.




Pluto Festival 

Nijdrop: Kloosterstraat 9

Opwijk, Belgium


Pluto Festival

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Marco Savo

Marco Savo

Production Manager and New Media Art Curator based in London. Restless and passionate, a special blend between communication and creativity. I am the director of Audiovisual City. All my life has been dedicated to promote arts and new media in the contemporary society.

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