Timisoara, October 8-11 2014

SIMULTAN is a festival dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, creating a bond between different media.

Its main goal is to create a cultural context of the ‘here and now’ on the local scene, encouraging new and innovative forms of artistic expression, as visual and sound language.

Annually, in the 3 days of events, the festival presents video art screenings, audio-visual live performances, experimental music concerts, installations and lectures.The 10th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place from October 6-11, under the theme ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS”.

Theories and paradigms of the future often begin with the belief that humanity is in the midst of an extensive world transformation and attempt to explain the transformation and where these changes may be taking us.

The purpose is not only to explore the aesthetic potential of advanced methods of creating images and formulates new options of perception and artistic positions in this media revolution.





Timisoara, Romania



Simultan 2014

Simultan Association



Marco Savo

Marco Savo

Production Manager and New Media Art Curator based in London. Restless and passionate, a special blend between communication and creativity. I am the director of Audiovisual City. All my life has been dedicated to promote arts and new media in the contemporary society.

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