Last friday 8th of april, thanks to Freedonia, an event was carried out by People to People, a non-profit charitable organization that raises money to support Siria, Gaza and other poblations that are affected by war. Brilliant artists like Zora Jones and Jungle Jungle musician Sekev attended the event to collaborate with a good cause.

On one hand we had the oportunity to see ZORA JONES, an australian barcelona-based producer and animator that makes tracks indebted to anthemic footwork-leaning productions and hyperreal visuals. Her compositions carry such emotional weight. Her biggest work is the realease of her “100 Ladies EP” via Fractal Fantasy with her partner Sinjin Hawke. She wanted to make 100 tracks mixing his own vision with a kind of R&B and Chicago footwork. Thanks to the tracks of other great dj’s like Dj Roc, Dj Diamond, Young smoke, Dj Nate, Jlin,… she finally got a huge inspiration to do her own way of expression. Where it comes from their project Fractal Fantasy? Well, Sinjin’s father, a sort of computer graphics legend , made a video called Fractal Fantasy, which was an animation of a camera flying through really complex fractal structures, and he also made the music for the video. Zora and Sinjin saw that idea and they wanted to run something similar which ended up being Visceral Minds, the debut collaborative album released.


zoorazora còpia

On the other hand we were glad to see SEKEV, that has been promoting junglist culture in Barcelona, first under the name Surco and now Jungle Jungle. Sekev is dub,reggae,dubstep,dancehall, drum&bass, jungle-core,… and it’s part of Ciento Sesenta, a collective dedicated to promote Juke and Footwork made in Barcelona Teklife style. He has signed two remixes to Molts Records.

freadonia sekev

Marta Minguell

Marta Minguell

I am multidisciplinary new media & visual artist who loves to explore the treatment of image, color, texture and movement by different media. My passion for combining art and technology pushed me to explore languages such as Design, Video and 3D. My aim is to work in the field of creating visual content in the space through installations, projections and VJing with a consistent concept.

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