IMG_9130A bunch of wires, EnTresD – musical sensations with 3D printed synthesizers and a guitar show the possible uses of technology applied to music.


Sonar Day 1, Sonar festival, Barcelona

Sonar by Day 1 saw a huge range of incredible performances by artists from all over the world. My personal favourite had to be that of James Rhodes, British composer, which, whilst it wasn’t an audiovisual experience was a true reminder of the origins of music and of the great composers before our time. Not to mention his witty presentations of classical musicians and his magical glittery shoes. Here are just some of the highlights from the first day at Sonar+D at Sonar Festival. All photos by Hayley Cantor (c)


IMG_9133IMPRIMIDA – Barcelona Art & Design Manufacturing Camp: Second stop of a 3 phase programme for makers to develop products that explore artistic production through computer design and 3D printing.IMG_9136Berklee Innovation Lab, a series of works developed at the Berklee College of Music University, exploring the possibilities of creation within musical expression and technology. Project: Polygong – a polygon that has different visual parameters that can be controlled through turning it in different directions.IMG_9144The Polygon in action, Berklee Innovation Lab.IMG_9314James Rhodes, British composer and author of Instrumental, live at Sonar Complex.IMG_9295James Rhodes and his magical glittery shoes he purchased in celebration of being invited to play at Sonar Festival.IMG_9286James Rhodes teaching the audience about the drunken antics of famous dead composers at Sonar Complex.IMG_9282Welcome to Sonar Complex (i.e. where all the Sonar+D magic happens).IMG_9276Visual installation outside Sonar Hall.IMG_9271Sonar by Day atmosphere at Sonar Village.IMG_9269Enjoying DJ set by Acid Arab at Sonar Village.IMG_9260Acid Arab fans at Sonar Village.IMG_9253Acid Arab playing to the crowd at Sonar Village.IMG_9243Field by Martin Messier, a live performance at Sonar Complex.IMG_9239Redactable, at Market Lab, Sonar+D.IMG_9236


IMG_9233Adagio, Zoom ARQ – a circular wireless device with a lighted ring that enables to visualise music as a true loop and it functions as a drum machine, sequencer, synthesiser, looper and MIDI controller at the same time.IMG_9231Octapong, Market Lab, Sonar+D: The Octatrack by Elektron is an essential instrument both for the studio and the stage, thanks to its capabilities to process audio in real-time. Octapong is the special rendition of Pong –one of the most popular pioneering video games– by these electronic musical instrument makers from Sweden. Thus, Octapong is a game for 2 players that use Octatrack as a controller to hit the ball, score and win prizes.


IMG_9227Octapong, Market Lab, Sonar+D: The Octatrack by Elektron, arcade game.






IMG_9211Little Sun, Market Lab, Sonar+D: A solar-powered phone charger and lamp that can power up a small device or provide light for over 150 hours.IMG_9208Little Sun solar lamps at the Little Sun stand, Market Lab, Sonar+D.IMG_9207



IMG_9199Patchworks, Bangers: an app that combines music production with gaming and socialising, enabling us to ‘play’ with our favourite songs, remixing, creating and share them with others.IMG_9194Explanation of the ‘Time Keeper’ by Domestic Data Streamers and Spotify.IMG_9181Redactable, at Market Lab, Sonar+D.IMG_9175Royal College of Art, Market Lab, Sonar+D: projects that explore human interaction through sound, adding it to daily objects, household spaces and everyday situations. Memory, Spin, Swing, Pulse, Shape and Filter. This one demonstrates how our perception of heat is affected by physical context.IMG_9161Royal College of Art, Market Lab, Sonar+D sound and light installation.IMG_9157Royal College of Art, Market Lab, Sonar+D sound and light installation.IMG_9156IED, Yulia, Market Lab, Sonar+D: a party and testing lab that transforms the mobiles of a room into a sound system using their integrated speakers.IMG_9155IED, Yulia: A project that allows you to take advantage of the sound of your phone and combine it with the sound of others to create a group speaker system.IMG_9148Berklee Innovation Lab presents this funky LED t-shirt where lighting sequences can be controlled through ipad software.IMG_9145

Hayley Cantor

Hayley Cantor

Hayley is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer & VJ whose career follows a colourful journey from working in optics to graduating in Psychology, working in mental health and homeless services, VJing to Graphic Design. She has a long-term passion for musical and new media art projects. She makes her mark with technicolour live visual performances under the artistic name VJ AYL.

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