kernel-2018MONZA, September 04-05 2015 

Kernel arrives in Messina, creating an extraordinary and innovative event which for the first time makes a stop in southern Italy, with performances by audiovisual mapping, light installations and live concerts by international artists and young talents.

Kernel presents itself as a vector of new multi-disciplinary synergies between audiovisual 3D mapping, electronic music and sound design, digital and interactive art, light art and ephemeral architecture. The Kernel project is a connection platform, continuous and dynamic, aimed at offering opportunities for meetings and exchanges between the public, emerging talents and internationally established artists.

In order to offer artists numerous opportunities to show their work to the public, and to the latter to appreciate research, projects, and works from around the world, Kernel proposes itself in different modular declinations, structurally different but complementary events.


Kernel Festival 

Villa Tittoni Traversi

Monza, Italy



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