Paris, Berlin 2015

Born in the nineties in the techno scene, VJing is the pictures flows live mix, as about music, the turntablism (DJing). Having lived a non-stop changes fast growth, this practice is nowaday the hybrid major one, found evrywhere!

This live construction is the common fruit of the meeting of producers of images, musics, technologies but also alchemy wtih a venue and an audience : a real new artistic research field! Today VJing, live images sphere, is emancipated as a trans-disciplinary way, even post-disciplinary one.

Vision’R VJ Festival, international meeting of the live image and VJing, gives visibility to the forms of artistic and non-artistic ephemeral expression, within the common field of audiovisual performances. Through VJ performance, they explore the dual expression combining the body and its place in the world, with the representations of this world that interfere with that through light and time-lapse.

Vision’R proposes to become the meetings and sharings VJ rendez-vous. Vision’R comes from the forum, as the first AVit edition in England, born from the english spoken forum




Paris, Gentilly, Bourges and Lille



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Marco Savo

Marco Savo

Production Manager and New Media Art Curator based in London. Restless and passionate, a special blend between communication and creativity. I am the director of Audiovisual City. All my life has been dedicated to promote arts and new media in the contemporary society.

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